The Income Producing Property


One of the prime targets for energy retrofits is income-producing property. You can give yourself a leg up on the competition if you demonstrate for your prospect the many ways in which your project will make their building more competitive, profitable, and valuable. Here are some of the many benefits you may choose to work into the discussion:

The Income Producing Property

1. More competitive:

• Lower occupancy cost positions the building as being more cost-effective for tenants.

• Enhanced comfort and productivity improve tenant retention and building reputation.

• Sustainability provides a marketing advantage that helps attract and retain tenants.

2. More profitable:

• Better tenant retention and attraction increase revenue while reducing cost of tenant churn.

• Lower vacancy rates yield higher rental revenue.

• Lower tenant utility bills provide an opportunity for higher base rents.

3. More valuable:

• Rental revenue (from above) increases cash flow.

• Lower operating costs increase cash flow.

• Higher Net Operating Income (NOI) supports higher appraisal.

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Posted by Mark Jewell