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Taking the Leap


What if I told you that only 9% of Americans stick with one career for 20 years or more? The time has passed where we choose a life path and feel obligated to stick with it. In some cases, the change is due to circumstances beyond our control or sheer coincidence; however, Sara Bliss’s book, Take the Leap, is an in-depth look at people who consciously make major career changes in order to follow their passion.

Taking the Leap

“People who have radically changed their lives provide some serious inspiration for the rest of us,” she writes. Taking a game-changing risk like this requires preparation and guts, but the benefits can alter and enrich your life in ways that can astound you. With its insights gleaned from sixty people who made the decision to pursue their dreams, Take the Leap is an interesting treatise on how starting over could be the best decision you’ll ever make.


Here is the summary on Amazon:


Take the Leap features inspiration and advice from more than sixty-five people who transformed their lives—and with this guide, so can you. These are game changers, rule breakers, and side hustlers who once stood where you are now, wondering if they should take a risk. They went from production assistant to million-dollar screenplay writer; attorney to surf instructor; mom to DJ; hairdresser to firefighter; real estate agent to award-winning chef.

“Do you want to go for that career you’ve always dreamed about? Launch a new company? Become a tech mogul? Live a life of adventure? Save the world? You’ll find wisdom from successful mentors like creative visionary and writer Simon Doonan, entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran, NFL player turned artist/activist Aaron Maybin, and wellness and beauty guru Bobbi Brown.

“This is a career guide for today’s ever-changing job market. Thinking about your own next chapter? Take the leap.”

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Posted by Mark Jewell