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Smarter Faster Better



Very often professionals find themselves in high-pressure situations that need tailored solutions.  The challenge is thinking outside the box (and quickly!) without compromising relationships or the health of your business.  When you’re facing an unforeseen obstacle or something entirely new, what is the best way to handle it?  What’s more, how can you be the most effective in a quickly paced and competitive environment? 

In Pulitzer Prize-winning Charles Cuhigg’s Smarter Faster Better there are anecdotal stories about people faced with these issues in a variety of different situations, from a world-class poker player and an intelligence agent to the creators of Google and writers for Pixar’s Frozen.  Duhigg groups these compelling stories into packaged examples of teamwork, innovation, motivation and creating goals with appendices on how they can be applied to your personal or professional life.  If you’re looking for an entertaining read about high-stakes problem-solving with a dose of self-help, then this is the book for you. 

Here is a summary from Amazon

At the core of Smarter Faster Better are eight key productivity concepts—from motivation and goal setting to focus and decision making—that explain why some people and companies get so much done.  Drawing on the latest findings in neuroscience, psychology, and behavioral economics—as well as the experiences of CEOs, educational reformers, four-star generals, FBI agents, airplane pilots, and Broadway songwriters—this painstakingly researched book explains that the most productive people, companies, and organizations don’t merely act differently.  They view the world, and their choices, in profoundly different ways.”

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Posted by Mark Jewell