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Sharpen Your Writing Skills


I’m often asked about how to write the perfect e-mail or one-page proposal because—as many of us already know—communication can make or break or sale. Some of us are better able to express ourselves when we’re in person, but once we’re behind a keyboard we freeze up!

How to Write Successfully

You may ask yourself, “How do successful people do this so well?” Millions of business emails and messages are exchanged every day, but a small fraction of them manage to make an impact and inspire action. So, this weekend why not look to one of the big dogs and get some advice on how to catch a prospect’s attention?

In this case we’re talking about Amazon. Take the time to check out this short read on Inc., which lists 5 fundamental ways to sharpen your writing skills and get your message across. It’s simpler than you think.

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Posted by Mark Jewell