Setting Call Objectives



Before you make a phone call – whether it’s a cold call, a call to a prospect, or even a call to a long-time client – you should ask yourself, “What is my objective?” You need to have a strong objective before you pick up the phone. Otherwise, you’re simply wasting your time… and your prospect’s time, too. Here are some examples of weak and strong call objectives:

Weak call objectives:

  • To find out their address so you can send a brochure
  • To introduce yourself to the territory
  • To see if they received your quote
  • To ask to stay on their radar
  • To touch base

Strong call objectives:

  • To close the deal
  • To determine the virtual team you can assemble to meet your prospect’s particular needs
  • To create a compelling event that will motivate a faster approval
  • To give news of a related project that another client just completed with you with great success
  • To offer assistance in completing the paperwork

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Posted by Mark Jewell