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Selling Efficiency to Cities, Counties and Schools



Cities, counties and school districts can be difficult when it comes to implementing energy efficiency projects.  The only clear way to success is winning them over with concise, persuasive measures that appeal to their needs.  So, how can you gain their attention? 

First of all, you need to do your homework.  No city, county or school district is the same.  However, most of them are understaffed, over-taxed and looking for productivity enhancement and/or carbon footprint mitigation.  They may also be looking for decreased absenteeism or something else.  Talk to them.  Fill in the blanks.  Once you figure it out, focus your key messages on meeting those needs. 

On a related note, I would recommend reading a free guidebook the Environmental Protection Agency published a few years ago: Energy Efficiency and Local Government Operations: A Guide to Developing & Implementing Greenhouse Gas Reduction Programs.  It’s one part of the EPA’s Local Government Climate and Energy Strategy Series, with plenty of material on schools and local government.  It’s a short read (about 60 pages) and includes a bounty of helpful case studies.  If you need a leg up on selling more effectively to these segments, this resource is well worth reading.  It’s essential that you speak to prospective clients and discuss their needs. Studying documents like this one and being prepared with real-world examples could give your pitch the extra polish it needs when you get in front of your prospects.

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Posted by Mark Jewell