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Selling During COVID-19


Being human and genuinely empathetic is key in today's economy. Our careers are being disrupted by all sorts of supply chain interruptions, cashflow shortages, and in some cases, unemployment.  But that’s not all. Everyone else is also adapting to these changes and effects.  That includes your prospects and customers. That should be top of mind in all of your communication: hosting a conference call, writing an email or text, or even just leaving a voicemail.

selling during COVID-19 pandemic

Over the past several months people have found themselves in a completely different place. They may be working from home for the first time in their careers, perhaps in a basement or makeshift office with a spare computer and no IT support. They may be in a household where one or two people have lost their jobs. They may have children at home as well, attending school online and/or binge-watching Netflix, compromising the whole house’s internet bandwidth.  In just about every situation, there are some unexpected and perhaps challenging things going on.

So, when you contact virtually anyone these days, it’s essential that you take a genuine interest in their current circumstances and welfare.  This is an entirely different level of rapport building, and you can create a connection that has never been forged before, something beyond a sales interaction and indelibly human. One of the main tenets of our recession selling series is that every business decision is made by a person. Not a role or title. Not a company. You need to treat your prospects with that sensitivity in mind.

Another thing to keep in mind is that people don’t simply make decisions.  In most cases they make comparisons. They will be comparing you to other vendors who may be silent about post-pandemic changes or less sensitive about it.  They will be comparing your marketing tactics with others, many of whom are either tone deaf to the crisis or relentlessly obsessed with the features and benefits of what they’re selling.  When your prospect finally does make a decision, it will likely be an emotional decision that is then justified financially.  That’s why exhibiting empathy and establishing trust are so paramount to making a connection. 

Learn how to migrate the discussion away from “features” and beyond “benefits,” putting all the focus on their prospect’s values.


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Posted by Mark Jewell