Selling During a Crisis


When it comes to being a sales professional, experiencing hard times is inevitable. Over the last forty years, I have sold through four previous recessions – this is my fifth – and before I started selling, countless others weathered their share of economic storms.


Although our profession requires a lot of grit and fortitude, it should be understood that sales is a delicate process. Now more than ever we need to pay attention to our prospect’s journey, which is just as unprecedented as ours. To them we all look the same. To them we might be perceived as an interruption or an irritating convenience. More than ever we need to make sure that our messaging is direct and that our offerings can provide unmistakable value for them.   

There is plenty of free advice on how to do this, both on this blog and elsewhere. It’s always helpful to get field-proven tips from other sales professionals on topics like how to differentiate yourself from the competition, cultivate your “garden” (current customers and promising newcomers), respond rather than react to their needsuse your CRM, and so much more. 

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Posted by Mark Jewell

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