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Seeing Both Sides


Business culture tends to deify leaders who are labeled “visionaries” and make great strides without compromising or outside output. However, history has shown time and time again that running a business can’t fall on the shoulders of one person. Even more importantly, it’s advisable to respect others’ points of view and admit when you’re wrong.

Seeing Both Sides

How important is humor when listening?  It’s really important, because in many cases people will indicate that they aren’t

This weekend check out this short read via Fast Company, which explores the benefits of respecting and understanding both sides of an argument. In business this may seem a daunting task, but opening yourself to different opinions and concerns not only gains you points with your customers and peers, but also helps you better understand your own.

 This session will provide a roadmap for making efficiency happen in landlord/tenant settings.


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Posted by Mark Jewell