5 Causes of Employee Burnout



Achieving success requires a lot of hard work, and as efficiency sales professionals, we often push ourselves to the limit (or past it!). While it may seem that working around the clock is the only way to get everything done, it’s a recipe for burnout. According to a survey by Kronos, almost half of Human Resources leaders say “employee burnout is responsible for more than 50% of turnover.” While helping employees to boost productivity may seem like the best way to enhance employee engagement, avoiding or eliminating employee burnout is also of vital importance.

An article published last week on FastCompany suggests that “understanding the root causes of burnout are essential first steps to staving it off.” In other words, before we reach the point of frustration and exhaustion, we should stop what we’re doing and try to understand what is causing it. For more on this topic, read the full article.

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Posted by Mark Jewell

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