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Rolling with the Changes


Change isn’t easy for everyone, and anyone who is in a leadership position knows this firsthand. Sometimes the change is mandatory. Other times it’s part of growing a business and heading in a different direction. Either way, when the time comes there are ways to make that transition smoother.

Rolling with the Changes

Pam Marmon’s No One’s Listening and It’s Your Fault is more encouraging than its title suggests. The entirety of the book addresses change in the workplace or within a company as well as how to understand and manage it from beginning to end. If you do things right, it will definitely be a change for the better.

Here is the summary on Amazon:

Leading change at your organization can be a daunting proposition while you face mounting pressure for growth. As a senior leader, what should be an exciting time for your organization becomes a challenge, leading to a fear of change and the belief that change is hard.

“Pam Marmon shares a refreshing and radical truth: With the proper process, change is not hard. In No One’s Listening and It’s Your Fault, progressive change leader and entrepreneur Pam Marmon unpacks the practical framework of implementing change to help you get your message heard during organizational transformations. As the change catalyst, you’ll learn how to tap into the essence of your organization’s culture to determine what will resonate with your team in a language they understand. Inspire others to take action by creating alignment at every level and empower influencers to carry your message. You can confidently build change agility with long-lasting impact to advance innovation, implement digital transformation, and achieve exponential growth.”

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Posted by Mark Jewell