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Rethinking Education


Education is a large part of our work at Selling Energy, so I found this blog by Seth Godin especially interesting.  In terms of what we call “education,” how effective has it been?  Was it ever about us truly learning how to live and grow, or is it simply about maintaining obedience?  Should education be about keeping score, fitting a mold or connecting the dots?

Rethinking Education

The argument here is that it has been too “convenient,” which Godin argues is hampering progress.  Education should be disrupted by taking on “inconvenient” measures, especially in an age where information is more accessible than ever.  He supplements these observations with one of his TED Talks, recommended reading from Ted Dintersmith, the viral video “What Is School For?” and an invitation to one of his programs, The Bootstrapper’s Workshop

Read more of Godin’s thoughts on inconvenient education here.  

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Posted by Mark Jewell