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Residential Energy, Part Two


Today, we’ll continue with some more strategies for reframing the value of efficiency for residential prospects.

Residential Energy, Part 2
Safety / maintaining a healthy home

  • Fire/carbon monoxide warnings
  • Motion-activated lighting to protect against intruders
  • Removing toxic substances from the air

Using utility bill savings to afford more leisure

  • People don’t make decisions – they make comparisons
  • Compare the utility cost savings to the cost of leisure activities (concert tickets, vacations, etc.)

Hedging against utility price spikes

  • Spending less on utility bills reduces the impact of utility price spikes
  • If you’re selling solar, you should definitely emphasize this fact 

Supporting an easier sale and/or higher price

  • Prospective buyers who value efficiency will be more likely to buy your home than other less-efficient homes on the market (easier sale)
  • Homes with demonstrably exceptional energy efficiency sell for a higher price than standard homes.  In the District of Columbia, high performance houses [HPHs] had a median sales price that was 23% higher than that of non-HPHs.

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Posted by Mark Jewell