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Replacing Nerves with Generosity


Being nervous about public speaking is nothing new.  Like reframing a sale for a prospect, it may be necessary to reframe what you’re doing in order to dispel that nervousness. 

replacing nerves with generosity

If you check out this snippet via Harvard Business Review, there is some excellent advice from Sarah Gershman, president of Green Room Speakers and an executive speech coach with over 20 years of experience.  Her suggestions are effective and simple: what if you could shift your focus from your apprehension to what you have to offer the crowd?

I appreciate this type of thinking because it not only calms your mind, but also centers your intentions.  I’ve often been asked about how to approach cold calls concerning a potential sale; I’ve recommended thinking it’s no different than calling someone because you’ve recovered their missing wallet!  If you truly know what you have to offer and recognize its true value, you’ll remember why you’re speaking in the first place.  Perhaps most of all, you’ll remember that you’re there to be of service and to help.  Nerves aside, remind yourself that is what public speaking is for!

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Posted by Mark Jewell