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Replacing Myth with Math and Motivation


Why might your prospect be interested in your solution? The most obvious reason someone would want to invest in an energy-saving opportunity is to save energy, right? Perhaps... Perhaps not.

Replacing Myth with Math and Motivation

What about saving money? Is that why your prospects become interested in your offerings? And before you answer that, ask yourself a few questions:

How do people make their decisions at work vs. at home?

Put another way, is saving money a national obsession... or is spending money?

HINT: If we were a nation of savers, the country wouldn’t have an outsized deficit, and household net worth wouldn’t be in the toilet. So, if people aren’t exactly obsessed with saving money at home, is there any reason to assume that the “savings” gene drives decision-making at work… especially when in many cases it’s not even their money they would be saving?

Paraphrasing a gem from Tony Robbins, the world-famous motivational speaker and coach, the quality of one’s life is a function of the quality of the evaluations one is prepared to make.

Instead of assuming that the promise of saving money will convince your prospect to engage, perhaps you should look more closely for motivational drivers that are not so obvious.  Remember, you need to replace myth with math and motivation, and emotion is what drives motivation. Are you taking the time to target the right emotions as you advance your efficiency initiatives?

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Posted by Mark Jewell