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Redefining How to “Close” a Sale


Closing a sale can be viewed as something with a Machiavellian spin to it.  There’s the stereotype of a salesman whose mindset is very fixed: “I'm going to close you.  I'm going to make you bend to my will.  I’m going to get you to make a decision out of sheer will.”  That is not a great way to approach sales. 

redefining how to close a sale

I prefer to think of sales in the context of a doctor-patient relationship.  I can diagnose things that they haven't realized they’re suffering from or may be a problem in the future.  I tell them, “I've seen other patients that look like you.  They're in better health now.  I’ve helped them resolve many of their issues.  As a result, I can give you insights that will help you become better at what you’re doing, live a better life and be happy.”

I often say that in the energy solutions industry we’re selling something beneficial.  It’s not as if we’re selling cigarettes to toddlers.  We’re proposing solutions that will make our prospects more comfortable, competitive, profitable or valuable.  So, when you approach a customer let them know what you can do for them.  Share your success stories and let them see themselves crossing the same finish line.

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Posted by Mark Jewell