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12 Practical Ways to Find and Generate Leads


Finding high-quality leads for your product or service wherever you are is vital for successful business development. Here are some practical lead generation tips to keep in mind:

Practical Ways to Find and Generate Leads

  1. Embrace and cultivate all of the empowering qualities of a sales professional.
  2. Commit to being proactive rather than reactive.
  3. Learn to leverage those who sell your typical prospects before and after you do.
  4. Property managers who need to field and address all of those “hot/cold” calls from disgruntled occupants.
  5. Building engineering firms that have to operate the aging equipment you should be replacing.
  6. Mechanical contractors who have to service equipment long past its estimated lifetime.
  7. Other suppliers who provide parts for aging equipment.
  8. Air balancing firms, duct cleaning firms, etc.
  9. Real estate brokers with knowledge of thermal comfort, noise, and other building shortcomings in the buildings they know well.
  10. Think carefully about your ideal prospects and build a profile to begin pursuing today.
  11. Take the time to build the tools you’ll need to open doors and keep them open.
  12. Get organized and automated so that you can keep up with the sales leads.

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Posted by Mark Jewell