Performance Partnerships


The digital world has opened all sorts of possibilities when it comes to promoting your product.  In the energy solutions business, these sales tactics are key.  There are plenty of platforms that will grant you access to prospects you wouldn’t normally reach, but they do so at a cost.  In order to be effective, you’re going to have to take risks.


Performance Partnerships

Robert Glazer has written a cutting-edge book on the subject called Performance Partnerships.  He uses an unusual approach, beginning with how companies have taken advantage of one another rather than working together.  Of course, Glazer uses this backdrop to prove doing so doesn’t benefit anyone, let alone the market.  Instead he suggests these basics for successful online partnerships: 

  • Be transparent and collaborative
  • Learn from others who have paved the way
  • Small goals are the better way to go
  • Tracking your sales and progress goes both ways 

Of course, there’s much more; however, overall it breaks down to being careful, forthcoming and respectful toward whomever you’re partnering with.  Glazer also believes the most important thing you can offer is value, which goes hand in hand with what we teach at Selling Energy.  It is only through mutually beneficial relationships that you can thrive in this business, and that not only refers to those you meet in person, but also the parties you partner with online.

Here is the summary from Amazon: 

“The term affiliate marketing has been misunderstood and underestimated since its inception.  At its core, affiliate marketing represents something overwhelmingly positive: paying only for marketing that delivers actual, quantifiable results.

“Robert Glazer, a leader in the affiliate marketing industry for over a decade, draws upon his experience and insights gathered from influential marketers to examine a rapidly changing field.  Performance Partnerships is the first in-depth look at the performance (affiliate) marketing industry.  Examining its roots and evolution, this book offers a better understanding of its impact as a vital form of direct-to-consumer digital marketing, and advice on how it can be used to change marketing and business development practices.

“When used correctly, affiliate marketing and Performance Partnerships can be powerful tools to grow your business—and Robert can show you how to tap into that boundless potential.”

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Posted by Mark Jewell