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Perfect your “Holiday Party Pitch”


Perfect your “holiday party pitch” so that your answer to “So what do you do?” has the highest potential to spark a genuinely engaging conversation. 

Perfect Your Holiday Party Pitch

The “elevator pitch” is as important as the Story Archive.  You need to be able to explain in 15 seconds or less what you do, and you need to make it both memorable and worth repeating to others.  In fact, you need a whole quiver of elevator pitches – each one a precisely sharpened “arrow” that describes what you do in terms that resonate with your listener’s role and interests – as you approach the holiday season and the crush of strangers you’ll be meeting. Think of how many potential clients are milling about those parties. You may see them as your cousin’s boyfriend, or your city councilman’s wife, but those “strangers” may actually control millions of square feet of facilities that could benefit from your services.  Of course, your chances to access that potential will directly depend on your ability to answer that perennial question, “So what do you do?” in an insightful and perhaps even clever way.  The first sentence of your answer to that question will determine whether the ensuing sentences constitute small talk or the start of a mutually beneficial business relationship. 

On Monday, we’ll share “Part 6” of our “7 Golden Tickets to Success in 2019” series. 

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Posted by Mark Jewell