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Yesterday we kicked off the first day of the weeklong Efficiency Sales Professional™ Boot Camp at SDG&E’s Energy Innovation Center in San Diego. This latest cohort of more than 50 “Ninjas” includes a wide variety of companies serving a broad range of customers. Some of the attendees expressed a desire to explore new markets. Here are a few highlights of the discussion that ensued.

When approaching a new target industry, the first step is to locate its most respected trade organizations. Each trade org will likely have an online bookstore where you can purchase resources intended for professionals who are planning to make new careers in that industry. You’ll also probably see links to subscribe to the organization’s online and in-print media… and perhaps even find a place to purchase a copy of last year’s national conference proceedings.

Why are past conference proceedings so important? They give you an in-depth look at the latest successes, challenges, and predictions for the future. Moreover, although they are long, you can certainly listen to the CD during your work commutes.

Also realize that most national organizations have a committee that is charged with the responsibility of reviewing all submitted abstracts and selecting the presentations that would be most relevant to conference attendees. Understanding how a trade organization prioritizes topics provides great insights into key discussion points you’ll want to include as you present your energy solutions to its members.

Bottom line, the time you invest upfront in this type of market research will pay off handsomely when it comes to getting projects approved in that sector.

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Posted by Mark Jewell