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Managing Your Distractions


Balancing our priorities has become a particular challenge since our homes are doubling as our workspaces. How do you stay focused when your attention is constantly flitting between your job and other distractions (partners, children, domestic duties, etc.)?

managing disruptors

Fortunately, there are some really interesting “disruptors” you can find in this article via Fast Company. If you’re looking to add a jolt to your daily habits and shake things up a little bit, these might be the wake-up call you need this week. On the flipside, if you’re looking for some tips to stay centered and calm down, I would recommend checking out this article on Ladders concerning stress reduction or the helpful “45-minute rule” courtesy of Inc. The good news is that integrating these into your day takes only a few seconds or minimal planning on your part.

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Posted by Mark Jewell