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Making What’s Important More Urgent


You may be convinced an energy-related solution you are proposing could drive important benefits for your prospect. However, your prospect may ignore or reject it in favor of something “urgent” because urgency usually trumps importance when people evaluate how to invest their time and money. 

Making What’s Important More Urgent

As Seth Godin points out in a recent blog, “Novelty and short-term wins (and even more so, the avoidance of short-term pain)” are often driving the decision-making process.  He refers to this as “The Should Olympics,” in that many of us propose to take the leap and make necessary changes, but often opt out due to inconvenience or fear.

How does this apply to sales?  My advice is to stop talking about multi-year simple paybacks and utility savings enjoyed over time.  Start talking about novel and significant non-utility-cost financial and non-financial benefits.  Keeping Godin’s advice in mind, how might you link your upgrade to an outcome that hits the acupressure points of fear or risk? 

Of course, this depends entirely on what you know about your prospect and what drives their decision-making.  Either way it’s important to reframe their doubts and spur them into action.  As Godin says himself, “The secret to doing the right thing is to make it feel, at least right now, like the urgent thing instead.”

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Posted by Mark Jewell