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To continue this week’s discussion of effective elevator pitches, today we’re going to talk about visual words and how they can be used to make your pitch more memorable. What’s a “visual word”? It’s any word that conjures up an image in a person’s mind when they hear it.

People often ask us why we call graduates of our Efficiency Sales Professional Certificate™ “ninjas.” We chose that word because it’s visual. When you hear the word, you see a stealthy, agile, alert, and centered individual. People know what a ninja looks like, and it doesn’t have a negative connotation (at least for most people). I’ve been asked, “Why don’t you call an ESP graduate a ‘guru’? Isn’t that a more fitting description for an expert?” 

The last time I saw a picture of a “guru,” it was a dude wearing a loincloth sitting silently under a banyan tree with his eyes closed, presumably deep in thought. Not exactly the best image for a sales professional.

When you’re working on your elevator pitches, come up with some visual words that are relevant and appropriate. It will make your pitch more memorable (and as a result, it will make you more memorable, too!).

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Posted by Mark Jewell

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