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Leveraging LinkedIn


While teaching I’m often asked for networking tips.  Although attending events and having one-on-one interactions are paramount to finding prospects, I can’t emphasize how important LinkedIn can be.  It is not only a way to research prospects, but also a direct line of communication with them.

Leveraging LinkedIN

For a more in-depth look into how you can leverage LinkedIn as an asset to your business, Brian Carter’s LinkedIn For Business is an essential guide.  Whether you’re trying to establish your own presence or optimize your outreach, there are step-by-step breakdowns and real world examples to show you the way.

Here is the summary on Amazon:

“This book delivers a complete system for profiting from LinkedIn. Top social media marketer Brian Carter shows you how to use LinkedIn to supercharge your existing business-to-business marketing, advertising, and sales processes, generate more qualified leads, and build sales in powerful new ways!

“Through case studies, Carter reveals how innovative businesses of all types are achieving amazing results with LinkedIn and teaches specific, actionable lessons you can apply right now. Whether you’re an advertising expert, content marketer, sales professional, PR pro, B2B executive, or social media specialist, LinkedIn offers you far more power than you may realize--and this book will help you leverage all of it!”

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Posted by Mark Jewell