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Let Your Subconscious Do the Heavy Lifting



“What underserved markets should I be focusing on?” “How can I double the number of prospects I reach with the limited time I have available for outbound marketing?” “What would it take for news of our latest offering to go viral?” Successful sales professionals asks themselves questions like these all the time.

Being obsessed with a question and sitting in one place until the answer comes into your head is not always the right approach. In fact, in most cases, you should do exactly the opposite. Write the question down, and then walk away. That’s right. Focus on something else. Let your subconscious mind do the heavy lifting.

Spending the first 10 minutes of every day writing down the questions that your conscious mind has been idling on is an excellent success strategy. Just take a legal pad and write down any question that pops into your head, and continue writing until the 10-minute timer rings. It’s OK if you write the same questions day after day. If they’re on your mind, they should be down on paper. 

Adopt this simple practice and wham, when you least expect it, you’ll have the insights that will help you answer those queries. Once you committed to getting those answers by writing them down, your mind began working on the answers in the background. It was inevitable that the answers would someday appear.

So, make an ongoing list of questions and add to it anytime you think of something you can’t answer right away. Carry this list with you and re-read it frequently. You already have enough on your plate – let your subconscious do some of the heavy lifting for you. 

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Posted by Mark Jewell