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Keep a Positive Attitude


There’s a significant correlation between positive attitude and sales performance. If you look at sales performance data, you’ll probably notice that people are most likely to make a new sale immediately after they’ve just made one. Why does this happen? Because a successful sale boosts your general outlook and attitude, and that emotional lift makes you a more effective sales professional.

What’s also interesting is that many salespeople alternate between great sales months and lousy ones. This pattern can also be explained by attitude. After a great sales month with back-to-back sales, one might rejoice, "Woo-hoo! What a great month! Now I can relax a bit." There’s only one problem… As soon as you relax, you run the danger of falling into a slump. You stop doing the blocking and tackling. You stop making the cold calls. You stop being responsive. And then suddenly, you’re in panic mode: "Oh my gosh, I’m really behind on my numbers. I now have to scratch my way up to the top of the mountain again." That desperation actually delays your next sale. Prospects can sense it in your voice, which can unnecessarily elongate the trough. Moreover, once you finally do work your way back up to the top, you may very well repeat the cycle unless you’re vigilant about the perils of doing so.

So what’s the moral here? You can make every month a great sales month provided you keep a positive attitude and never rest on your laurels.

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Posted by Mark Jewell