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Over the course of the next week, you will find our 7 Golden Tickets to Success in 2019. Give a gift to yourself and set aside some time to implement some, or all, of these ideas and make 2019 your best year yet! 

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And now, Part 1 of our “7 Golden Tickets to Success in 2019” series… 

Join a Mastermind Group or form your own and marvel at how several minds properly harnessed can solve even the thorniest problems. 

Napoleon Hill first mentioned the term “Master Mind” in his 1925 book, The Law of Success, and later expounded upon it in his 1937 book, Think and Grow Rich.  The “mastermind group” is a collaborative mentoring concept.  The idea is actually pretty simple: members leverage their respective perspectives and experiences to help solve each other’s problems.  Many successful Americans have employed the mastermind concept to advance themselves, including Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and other luminaries that Hill studied.  There are actually two styles of mastermind groups:  ones focused on an individual’s success and ones focused on advancing the goals of the group itself.  Whether your mastermind group is small (2 to 3 participants) or larger (8 to 10 participants has been found to be optimal), the practice of regularly gathering multiple minds to focus on a shared problem can help you define your firm’s competitive advantage, find the perfect market niche to exploit, or otherwise revitalize your sales machine in the New Year. 

Tomorrow, we’ll share “Part 2” of our “7 Golden Tickets to Success in 2019” series. 

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