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In Order to Succeed, Improve Your Health!


Sometimes we already know the solution to our problems. It’s obvious but we still put it off or resist it. When it comes to our business roles, many of us are accidental salespeople, so if we find ourselves in a sales position we need to embrace our inner sales professional – and get the proper training if necessary – and just start selling more. But not all of us do. Many accidential salespeople are still in denial that they’re even in a sales role!


In a recent article for Inc. author and keynote speaker Jeff Haden likens success in sales to succeeding at a diet and exercise regimen. If you intend to lose weight, you either exercise more or eat less. You can fiddle around with other activities, but at some point, you’ll either need to eat less or work out more.

Similarly in business, while you might be tempted to fiddle with the operations side of your enterprise, you really know in your heart of hearts that you need to buckle down and focus on sales.

In either of these examples, in order for a positive change to happen, it’s ultimately up to you!

 In this on-line workshop we look at understanding objections and how to manage these strategically to push through to get that sale.


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Posted by Mark Jewell