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How Transforming the Pursuit of Success Raises Our Achievement, Happiness, and Well-Being


In every situation, there needs to be balance, and our work lives are no exception.  The books I’ve reviewed here often center on our individual potential - particularly our attitude, productivity, grit and leadership in the workplace. 

how transforming the pursuit of success raises our achievement happiness and well-being

Nevertheless, what’s just as important?  The group effort.  Although we often find ourselves making strides on our own, the biggest changes often result from a collective initiative involving several people. 

These principles for success are explored in Shawn Achor’s latest book, Big Potential.  How is your office culture playing a part in your success?  What about your co-workers or other collaborators in the field?  How can you optimize those connections and take larger steps toward your goals?  

If you’re curious about how this could up your game or give you that extra push, this should definitely be on your fall reading list. 

Here is the summary on Amazon

“Bestselling author Shawn Achor shows how to unlock hidden sources of potential in ourselves and others.

“In a world that thrives on competition and individual achievement, we are measuring and pursuing potential all wrong. By pursuing success in isolation - pushing others away as we push ourselves too hard - we are not just limiting our potential.  We are becoming more stressed and disconnected than ever.

“In his highly anticipated follow-up to The Happiness Advantage, Achor reveals a better approach. Drawing on his work in 50 countries, he shows that success and happiness are not competitive sports. Rather, they depend almost entirely on how well we connect with, relate to, and learn from each other.

“Just as happiness is contagious, every dimension of human potential - performance, intelligence, creativity, leadership ability and health - is influenced by those around us. So, when we help others become better, we reach new levels of potential as well. Rather than fighting over scraps of the pie, we can expand the pie instead.

“Small Potential is the limited success we can attain alone. BIG Potential is what we can achieve together. Here, Achor offers five strategies - the SEEDS of Big Potential--for lifting the ceiling on what we can achieve while returning happiness and meaning to our lives.

“The dramatic shifts in how we approach work today demand an equally dramatic shift in our approach to success. Big Potential offers a new path to thriving in the modern world.”

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Posted by Mark Jewell