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How to Sell Effectively to the Healthcare Industry


Today, we’re going to discuss how to reframe the benefits of efficiency when selling to prospects in the healthcare industry.

how to sell effectively to the healthcare industry

Non-profit healthcare: How much revenue do you think a non-profit healthcare organization would have to capture to equal $1 in energy savings?  I think you'll be surprised to learn that it's $40, given an estimated net margin of 2.5%.

A Budget Director at a non-profit healthcare organization is probably not going to get up in the morning and say, "I wish I could save some therms today" or "I sure hope I can save some kilowatt-hours when I get to the office." Rather, he or she is far more likely to say, "How are we doing with revenue growth and profitability? Do we have positive figures to report to our backers? What do we need to do to remain financially viable?"

Bottom line, if you say to your prospect, “Every dollar that you save in energy has an equivalent bottom-line impact as generating $40 in revenues,” you're telegraphing something that they care about and using a yardstick that they use regularly to measure their own success.

For-profit healthcare: In the for-profit healthcare industry, $1 in energy savings would deliver an equivalent bottom-line impact as generating $20 in revenue given an estimated net margin of 4%.

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Posted by Mark Jewell