How to Motivate Your Prospect



In efficiency sales, prospects are motivated by more than just increased efficiency and decreased long-term cost. Determining what motivates your prospect can help determine your best approach to persuading them to adopt your offering:

-Give a trial offer: If you are confident in your offering, then you know a trial customer will turn into a full-paying customer.

-Use a time constraint: If your prospect has a time constraint, you can use it to your advantage in motivating their purchase. 

-Convey the cost of delay: Especially in situations where you’ve been able to identify a business outcome more impressive than simply saving kW, kWh or therms (or the financial value thereof), be sure to emphasize that delaying project implementation also delays the attainment of that greater benefit you’ve identified.

-Play to their desires: People are often more motivated by desire than they are by need.

-Time-efficiency: People are always looking for ways to save time. If your offering helps them save time, play up that angle.

-Help them justify the purchase: Your prospects needs to feel validated in their decisions, so help them justify them.

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Posted by Mark Jewell