How to Make Your Buyer Confident



A buyer that is not confident in your product or service is not going to buy from you. How do you make your buyer confident? 

1.  Be completely prepared: Think about every question or concern your prospect might have and be ready to respond accordingly. 

2.  Provide testimonials: Have a printed list of satisfied customers and testimonials, and work examples into your presentation. 

3.  Talk from experience: Tell a story about how you helped another customer in a similar situation. 

4.  Use a referral: If you have a good referral source, use it! 

5.  Name-drop: Drop the names of customers that your customer would resonate with; however, be careful if you name-drop one of the buyer’s competitors. 

6.  Think long-term: Emphasize service after the sale and a desire to have a long-term relationship with your prospect. 

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Posted by Mark Jewell

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