How to Get a Self-Motivated Team



When we think about ways to improve productivity, we usually think of software programs, smartphone apps, time-management systems, to-do lists, ergonomics, and so forth. While these tools and life hacks have the potential to improve productivity greatly, we often overlook a key factor in our ability to perform at our highest potential: self-motivation.

A self-motivated employee is empowered with the desire to improve the success of his or her company. This empowerment makes the employee want to produce high-quality work. Since productivity is necessary to produce high-quality work in a timely fashion, the employee ends up working productively.

So how does one become self-motivated? According to an article published in Inc, the way in which a leader hires and manages his or her employees has a significant effect on those employees’ level of motivation. The article argues that an “engaged, empowered, enthusiastic” employee works harder and is easier to manage. If you are a leader in your organization, I highly recommend reading this short piece and considering how you might create a team of empowered employees.

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Posted by Mark Jewell