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How to Find Your Customer’s Why


I’ve often talked about the “why” behind selling energy, because in the end that’s what drives the bus.  

How to Find Your Customer’s Why

When it comes to discovering your customer’s why, there are two ways to find out.  One is to ask them, “Why were you interested in reaching out to me today?”   The other is to enter the room with a hypothetical why because you've done your research on their segment.  In fact, you have no excuse for not knowing the basics.  Many of those questions can be answered with only 5-10 minutes of research on your smartphone.

Aside from research, you need insight. Where do you get insight? Well, part of that comes from your findings and connecting the dots. I’d recommend using our Segment Guides™ as well as reading your prospects' trade publications and joining their trade associations.

It’s through insight that you’ll discover how they judge their own success, what challenges they're facing, and why they would want to have a conversation with you. Remember, whatever it is, it certainly isn't because they woke up one morning and thought, "I have to get up and save some kilowatt hours.”  

Of course, another surefire way to find a prospect’s “why” is paying close attention during the meeting itself. See what makes people's eyes shine when you talk about various topics.   It takes intuition to sense what gets people excited, and you can use that intel later. If you’re speaking to prospects that are in the same industry, age range and professional situation, chances are your discoveries will get these prospects excited as well.

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Posted by Mark Jewell