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How Do You Make Sure Your Email Doesn’t Go Unanswered?


It’s a familiar situation: you have a great interaction with a prospect, then you fall off their radar. It’s possible that they may have feigned interest and weren’t as interested as you thought. However, it’s more likely that you got lost in the shuffle, particularly if you’ve been communicating through email. Inboxes get full and life goes on. It’s nothing personal!

How Do You Make Sure Your Email Doesn’t Go Unanswered?

So, how do you resume the conversation you were having with them? Fortunately, a piece by Ladders has four tips that can grab their attention and get your discussion back on track! Whether it’s changing your tone, changing your subject line, or giving your communications a personal touch, each of these tips will give you a shot at overcoming a prospect’s radio silence.

Taking the time to hone your presentation skills will vastly improve your odds of getting a “Yes!”


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Posted by Mark Jewell