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Guide to Internet Marketing



According to the 2014 Digital Democracy Survey by Deloitte, over one third of U.S. consumers are “digital omnivores” – consumers who own a laptop, smartphone, AND tablet. With the increasing popularity of internet-enabled devices, internet marketing is more important than ever for success in promoting your products and services.

When it comes to marketing online, many professionals lack the tools and knowledge to create successful marketing campaigns. If you feel uncomfortable with internet marketing or are interested in improving your performance, I highly recommend reading The Never Cold Call Again Online Playbook: The Definitive Guide to Internet Marketing Success by Frank Rumbauskas. This book explores a range of proven techniques for capturing the online marketplace and turning the internet into a tool for growing your business.

Here’s a summary from Amazon Books:

“An all-in-one guide to online marketing from the New York Times bestselling author of Never Cold Call Again

"In Never Cold Call Again, Frank Rumbauskas shows salespeople how to achieve sales greatness without using those dreaded old tactics like cold calling. Now, in The Never Cold Call Again Online Playbook, he gives small business owners, independent professionals, and entrepreneurs a complete, all-in-one guide to the best practices of effective online marketing.

The best marketers know all the secrets of using the Internet to fuel business growth. With The Never Cold Call Again Online Playbook, you'll have access to all the best proven Internet marketing wisdom, tactics, strategies, and tools. You'll learn how to develop a complete online marketing system that boosts sales and brings in customers galore.

-A comprehensive toolkit for creating a complete, powerful, and effective online marketing program for your business

-Written by online marketing guru Frank Rumbauskas, bestselling author of Never Cold Call Again and Selling Sucks

-A revolutionary system for increasing sales without tired old selling tactics that no longer work anyway

-How to explode your business with social media sites like Twitter and Facebook

"For anyone who owns or operates a business and wants to increase their sales, profits, and visibility online, The Never Cold Call Again Online Playbook is the ultimate practical resource.”

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Posted by Mark Jewell