Good Pitching


If you’ve attended one of my sales trainings or are a frequent reader of my blogs, you’ve likely heard me talk about crafting the perfect elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a concise statement that grabs the attention and communicates values, ideally leading to a next step. 

good pitching

Every efficiency sales professional should have a handful of elevator pitches prepared, each one customized for a specific audience type. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you prepare your elevator pitches: 

Your elevator pitch should be: 

- Short and to the point 

- Memorable

- Interactive (allows you to say something and pause for a response, or say something and ask a question) 

- Conversational 

Your elevator pitch should NOT be: 

- A speech

- A soliloquy

- A pitch (in the traditional “sales pitch” sense)

- Longer than 15 seconds

Avoid fluff words that don’t really mean anything:

- “Finest”

- “Established”

- “Foremost”

- “Leading”

- “Pioneering”

- “Original”

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Posted by Mark Jewell

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