Gigwalkers to the Rescue


Sometimes your prospects need help with reviewing their needs, especially how extensive an energy project might be.  Of course, in most situations you can help them, but other times you’re going to need that help yourself.  


In certain situations, I recommend using Gigwalk, a service that contacts over 300,000 freelancers to do your bidding.  I’ll give you a quick breakdown of how it works. 

You have the option of signing up on Gigwalk to offer certain jobs.  Once you post one, an alert will be sent out to freelancers who have the Gigwalk app on their phone.  If you’re stuck in the office or out of state you can have them approach your prospect’s building, parking lot or businesses to take stock of energy issues, faulty equipment or do a lighting count.  

All the freelancer needs are your instructions and a camera.  Let’s say you need more info on what a prospect’s lighting situation is.  Through Gigwalk you can find out how many of their lights are burned out or whether they’re metal halides or high-pressure sodium.  You can assign a specific time so you’ll find out if lights are left on during times the prospect is paying on-peak kilowatt-hour pricing. 

Once you have this evidence it will give you a clearer picture of how you can meet your prospect’s needs.  It will also give you a shortcut to their pain points and what is affecting their finances.  When you can’t do it yourself, Gigwalkers will help you get some boots on the ground and the data you need.  It’s definitely worth a try.

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Posted by Mark Jewell