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Five Proven Strategies from the World's Sales Leaders


Being in charge during a sales situation is a tall order, and it’s a challenge that sales professionals experience daily.  What’s more, sales situations are changing all the time.  There have been drastic changes to the art and science of selling over the past thirty years. In the past decade those changes have been accelerating.  How can you keep up?

 5 proven strategies from the worlds sales leaders

The newest edition of Sales Growth is an extensively researched update based on hundreds of interviews with sales leaders in various industries.  Their findings are explored in five sections, exploring the most effective strategies in this rapidly changing market:

  • “Find Growth Before Your Competitors Do”
  • “Sell the Way Your Customers Want”
  • “Supercharge Your Sales Engine”
  • “Focus on Your People”
  • “Lead Sales Growth”

Out of these five sections, the one that resonates the most with me is “Focus on Your People.”  As a professional sales trainer, I know how vital it is for my clients not only to educate themselves, but also to guide others... both those who are starting their careers and those whose sales approaches have stagnated over the years.  Another compelling chapter is on the emerging use of artificial intelligence in customer service and how A.I. will be leveraged in the future.  This is something all sales professionals need to be aware of and prepare for.

If you’re looking for sales guidance that is cutting-edge, Sales Growth is the ticket.  Here is the summary on Amazon:

“The challenges facing today's sales executives and their organizations continue to grow, but so do the expectations that they will find ways to overcome them and drive consistent sales growth.

“There are no simple solutions to this situation, but in this thoroughly updated Second Edition of Sales Growth, experts from McKinsey & Company build on their practical blueprint for achieving this goal and explore what world-class sales executives are doing right now to find growth and capture it—as well as how they are creating the capabilities to keep growing in the future.

“Based on discussions with more than 200 of today's most successful global sales leaders from a wide array of organizations and industries, Sales Growth puts the experiences of these professionals in perspective and offers real-life examples of how they've overcome the challenges encountered in the quest for growth.

“The book, broken down into five overarching strategies for successful sales growth, shares valuable lessons on everything from how to beat the competition by looking forward, to turning deep insights into simple messages for the front line. Page by page, you'll learn how sales executives are digging deeper than ever to find untapped growth, maximizing emerging markets opportunities, and powering growth through digital sales. You'll also discover what it takes to find big growth in big data, develop the right ‘sales DNA’ in your organization, and improve channel performance. Three new chapters look at why presales deserve more attention, how to get the most out of marketing, and how technology and outsourcing could entirely reshape the sales function.

“Engaging and informative, this timely book details proven approaches to tangible top-line growth and an improved bottom line. Created specifically for sales executives, it will put you in a better position to drive sales growth in today's competitive market.”

Sales Training That Works! Selling in 6.

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Posted by Mark Jewell