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Find Your Inner Genius


Few people would use “master” or “an intellectual giant” to describe someone they work with. So, what would you think of the suggestion that everyone could possibly tap into their inner genius on the job?

Find Your Inner Genius

To be clear, this doesn’t suggest a sudden increase in your IQ. This notion is about being more open and curious in your problem solving, which is the main idea in Randy Gage’s Mad Genius. Think of it as a treatise on cultivating new ideas, not only from yourself, but from your co-workers and/or sales team. Everyone has a different point of view worth considering. Too often we settle for the same old solutions simply because it takes extra effort to think outside of the proverbial box.   

Alternative viewpoints may change the way you do business and the players you bring to the table. Mad Genius is about staying open to those possibilities, as well as how to foster them and take them to the next level. 

Here is the summary on Amazon: 

Mad Genius is a unique book for entrepreneurs—and for employees who want to think like entrepreneurs. It will help you unleash the innate creative genius inside you.

“Every industry has its sacred cows and accepted practices. These are often based upon foundational premises that are no longer valid—if they ever were.

“There's a reason Facebook was birthed in a dorm room, came from people not in the bookstore business, and Uber was created by people who weren't from the taxi industry.  Innovation, discovery, and creating disruption require blowing up conventional thinking and unleashing your entrepreneurial brilliance.

“Mad Genius is a fire hose of creative stimulation that will spark breakthrough ideas and show you how to nurture them.”

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Posted by Mark Jewell