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Feeling “Screened Out”?


Over the past year you may have heard about a spike in productivity among employees working from home. Without the daily commutes and in-person meetings, there was more time to get things done. However, in spite of the collective stress over the pandemic and the subsequent recession, many of us have been working longer hours. The result is spending more time sitting in front of a screen, and to say the least many of us are “screened out.”

Feeling “Screened Out”?

This weekend take some time to check out a quick read on Fast Company, explaining the reasons behind screen fatigue and how to manage it, especially if you’re using a computer all day. As you’ve no doubt read elsewhere, too much screen time can have adverse side effects and actually work against your productivity after a while, so remember to structure your time and change up your schedule. This article is a great place to begin; it will show you how.

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Posted by Mark Jewell