Improve Your Daily Routine



How often do you accomplish everything you set out to do in a given day? If you’re a busy professional with a long to-do list, probably rarely. While there are hundreds of ways to boost productivity, no single solution works for everyone. Doing a bit of self-analysis can help you determine exactly what you need in order to be most productive.


Is there a certain time of day in which you’re most creative? Do frequent breaks help you stay on task when you’re working? Do you need to collaborate with others or keep yourself isolated in order to do your best work? Ask yourself these questions and then make a daily routine based around your responses.


Once you have your ideal daily routine figured out, make a pact with yourself to stick to it (as much as you possibly can). The following article from Lifehack provides “6 Top Ways to Improve Your Daily Routine”. Give it a read and see if it inspires you to re-create a new daily routine for yourself:



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Posted by Mark Jewell