Empathy is Key


Ideally your prospects and customers should want to work with you. Likewise, it’s in your best interest to understand their situation and anticipate their concerns. For the most part salespeople practice “sympathy,” which is evaluating their prospect through what they are told or what is immediately at hand. Empathy goes deeper and regards the “why” behind a prospect’s particular situation, needs and actions. This is what sales professionals use on the job, and there’s a major difference.

Empathy is Key

This week’s book recommendation is about the benefits of integrating empathy into our work lives. Written by entrepreneur and public speaker Marion Ross, it delves into several behind-the-scenes stories regarding companies—both large and small—putting more care and sincerity into their business practices. This not only increases customer satisfaction, but also reaps unexpected benefits and advantages. In short, empathy may keep you ahead of the curve!

After all, what is a sale without it? Simply a transaction. This book is a reminder to put in that extra effort and make it memorable.

Here is the summary on Amazon:

Furious customers? Missed deadlines? Failed products? The problems your business faces may stem from a single issue: lack of empathy.

“Being empathetic at work means seeing the situation from another’s perspective, and using that vantage point to shape your leadership style, workplace culture, and branding strategy. Pairing her knowledge as a branding expert with proven research and fascinating stories from executives, change-makers and community leaders, Maria Ross reveals exactly how empathy makes brands and organizations stronger and more successful.

“Ross shows why your business needs to cultivate more empathy now, and shares the habits and traits of empathetic leaders who foster more productivity and loyalty. She gives practical tips, big and small, for how to align your mission and values and hire the right people, cultivating a more empathetic―and innovative―workplace culture. Finally, she gives you the goods on building your empathetic brand in an authentic and proactive way, and shows how doing so results in happier customers, innovative work cultures and increased profits.

“In this practical playbook for businesses of all types, Maria Ross proves that empathy is not just good for society―it’s great for business, and may transform you at a personal level, too.

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Posted by Mark Jewell

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