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Don’t Forget Your Customer’s Name


In spite of the fact that work has moved to home, many of us are still chasing leads and making new connections or checking in with promising prospects and loyal customers.  What’s one thing you don’t want to forget or mess up when you initiate a conversation?  The person’s name

customers name

Studies have shown that hearing your own name is one of the most self-affirming and comforting words you respond to.  Forgetting someone else’s name, mispronouncing it or using the wrong one isn’t just a gaffe, but a missed opportunity that can be quite serious.

In order to prevent these mistakes, here are some tips to make sure you memorize and recall customers’ names- both old and new- so you don’t find yourself hesitating while doing introductions on a video conference or phone call.  Think of a name as one of the crucial keys to getting your customer’s attention.  Without it, you’re fumbling to open a lock, and everyone is going to notice!

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Posted by Mark Jewell