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The business world isn’t always known for its best examples.  Companies rise and fall when they are led by power-hungry and selfish leaders.  Employees work from day-to-day without a sense of loyalty or passion, proving that fear and intimidation can only take success so far.  The reason is simple: when the person (or people) in charge decide their own self-interests take precedence over the “why” of their business, they have lost their way. 

Discover Your Internal Compass

This is where the concept of “true north” comes in.  Bill George believes that authentic leadership depends on the person’s “internal compass,” which is their core values, their inner direction and the lessons they’ve learned from challenging experiences.  The book is based on interviews with 125 leaders and investigates how their values apply to their success.  

The ultimate question is, “What motivates you to be a leader?” The answers are varied and surprising; however, it will prompt you to ask yourself the same thing.  If you don’t know (or find yourself working for someone who doesn’t), it’s definitely time to do some soul-searching. 

Here is the summary from Amazon

True North shows how anyone who follows their internal compass can become an authentic leader. This leadership tour de force is based on research and first-person interviews with 125 of today’s top leaders – with some surprising results. In this important book, acclaimed former Medtronic CEO Bill George and co-author Peter Sims share the wisdom of these outstanding leaders and describe how you can develop as an authentic leader.  True North presents a concrete and comprehensive program for leadership success and shows how to create your own Personal Leadership Development Plan centered on five key areas: 

  • Knowing your authentic self
  • Defining your values and leadership principles
  • Understanding your motivations
  • Building your support team
  • Staying grounded by integrating all aspects of your life 

“True North offers an opportunity for anyone to transform their leadership path and become the authentic leader they were born to be.”

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Posted by Mark Jewell

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