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Develop a Three-Sentence Solicitation


Develop a three-sentence solicitation that establishes your credibility, provides an insight that arouses a prospect’s curiosity, and sets the stage for a meeting to explore the possibilities, all in less than 75 words. 

Develop Three-Sentence Solicitation

Cold calling is a waste of time.  As many sales professionals have come to discover, a quantitative three-sentence solicitation that paves the way to cloning your past sales successes is a much better way to approach strangers.  Now to pull this off, you need to do your homework. As you review your most successful transactions, how might you categorize them?  How might you quantify those successes?  And how many more prospects can you find within a 1-mile, 5-mile, or 10-mile radius who look very similar to your current customers before you delivered your solution?  Taking the time to craft your own three-sentence solicitation will take you to new prospecting heights, whether you’re calling, emailing, direct-mailing, or even networking in person. Take the time to assemble the profiles and then find prospects that look like the “before photo” of customers you’ve helped, and I know you’ll see a pronounced uptick in your outreach success. 

Tomorrow, we’ll share “Part 5” of our “7 Golden Tickets to Success in 2019” series. 

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Posted by Mark Jewell