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Design a Vision Board


Design your Vision Board and give your mind an emotionally powerful representation of your goals. 

Design Vision Board

Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do.  Successful athletes and people have been doing it for years. The more powerfully you insert emotions into those visualizations, the more effective they will be in helping you reshape your reality.  While there are numerous sources online to guide you in crafting your first vision board, one theme is constant: the more you focus on how the pictures attached to that vision board make you feel, the more effective the vision board will be in bringing whatever is pictured into your life.  As Tony Robbins, world-famous motivational speaker and coach once said, “Most people spend more time planning a two-week summer vacation than planning their lives.”  Carefully executed, crafting a compelling vision board will probably take you longer than planning a two-week vacation.  Yet the reward for doing so will be both more fulfilling and longer-lived than that vacation could ever be. 

Tomorrow, stay tuned for “Part 3” of our “7 Golden Tickets to Success in 2019” series.  

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Posted by Mark Jewell