Dealing With Disruption


Changes and challenges are inevitable when you’re working in sales.  This is something we’re dealing with right now in an unprecedented fashion, but the outcome is always the same - businesses can survive if they roll with the punches and come up with creative ways to reach prospects.


That’s why this week I’m recommending that you check out Shane Cragun and Kate Sweetman’s Reinvention.  It uses examples from other historical shake-ups that have changed the way companies do business: recessions, the Internet, foreign competition and emerging technologies.  They also provide solid advice on how you can succeed and fail when faced with overwhelming change, citing stories from Disney, BlackBerry, NASA, Microsoft, General Motors and Apple. 

If you’re interested in some straightforward advice and a crisis plan that can help you through this uncertain time, Reinvention may be what you’re looking for.

Here is the summary on Amazon:

“Today's disruptive, tumultuous, and ever-changing global business environment shows no signs of slowing. Authors Shane Cragun and Kate Sweetman believe it is time for a wake-up call to those hoping to thrive in the 21st century. Reinvention is the first business book to propose a simple algorithm, common principles, and set of tools that apply to both individuals and organizations facing disruptive and radical change.

“The ability to pivot quickly, profoundly, and effectively might be the most important core competency individuals and organizations must attain in order to prosper in the new economy. And it isn't enough to able to change when you have to; leaders must change before they have to, in proactive ways that allow their organizations to leverage incoming global shockwaves to accelerate performance.

“Cragun and Sweetman use contemporary examples to drive important points home. Key strategies are couched in metaphors to create visual maps that will help the reader implement their new learnings at the moment of need. The stories and case studies are compelling, eclectic, and global, and take the reader beyond just the world of business.  Reinvention includes chapter insights written by six global experts from six different geographical business regions around the globe.”

Learn how to sell in a recession!

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Posted by Mark Jewell