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Concentrating on the Now


Most of us have our sights set on the future. The problem is that we’re constantly waiting to get there, instead of focusing on what we have in the moment. Does our future have to be the ideal we’re constantly striving for? Not necessarily. We can’t neglect the present.


This is especially true in the context of our work lives. Most of us have career plans or aspirations, but neglect what we could be doing in our current situation. This week’s book recommendation is about reframing and reinventing your work life. Instead of jumping to another position or switching companies, there is plenty you can do to push your boundaries and change your situation. It begins with concentrating on the “now.”

Here is the summary on Amazon:

“When Designing Your Life was published in 2016, Stanford’s Bill Burnett and Dave Evans taught readers how to use design thinking to build meaningful, fulfilling lives (‘Life has questions. They have answers.’ –The New York Times). The book struck a chord, becoming an instant #1 New York Times bestseller. Now, in Designing Your Work Life: How to Thrive and Change and Find Happiness at Work they apply that transformative thinking to the place we spend more time than anywhere else: work.
“Designing Your Work Life teaches readers how to create the job they want—without necessarily leaving the job they already have.
“‘Increasingly, it’s up to workers to define their own happiness and success in this ever-moving landscape, they write, and chapter by chapter, they demonstrate how to build positive change, wherever you are in your career. Whether you want to stay in your job and make it a more meaningful experience, or if you decide it’s time to move on, Evans and Burnett show you how to visualize and build a work-life that is productive, engaged, meaningful, and more fun.”

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Posted by Mark Jewell