Charge Up Your "Passion Battery"


Think back to the last time you bought something after being convinced by someone else that it was a worthwhile purchase. Chances are the thing you bought was something you weren’t planning to buy. So why did you buy it? You likely bought it because the person selling it wasn’t really selling you anything. They were just insanely passionate about what they were doing or offering. The passion was contagious. You couldn’t help but buy it.

charge up your passion battery

For those of you who shop at Costco, you’ll know what I’m talking about. You walk in and they have these demonstrations. Have you ever seen the Vitamix demonstration? Holy cow! I would definitely buy a Vitamix if I had my jaws wired and couldn’t eat anything. I would buy it because those demonstrations are so compelling. You could put a smartphone in a Vitamix and destroy it!  But do you buy it because it can pulverize a smartphone? No. You buy it because the people demonstrating its uses are so self-confident. They convince you that they can make anything into healthy food stuff at 27,000 RPM. Magic happens.

You can have compelling data about why your efficiency solution is a worthwhile investment; however, if you don’t demonstrate true passion for your product or service, your prospect may not feel the need to buy. Charge up your “passion battery” before you step into a meeting with a prospect. Passion really is contagious.

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Posted by Mark Jewell

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